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One of Rmetrics core activities is the development of R code libraries for statistical computations. The stable packages can be found on CRAN and the current state of development on R-Forge. Currently the Rmetrics code universe includes the following:

  • Active development of 23 libraries which are all published on R-Forge. 19 of those packages are also available on CRAN.
  • Hosting and partial development of 20 libraries which are all pulished on R-Forge. 15 of those packages are also available on CRAN.
  • This results in around 40 dependencies and over 60 reverse dependencies.

Hence checking and maintaining all those packages and its (reverse) dependencies means a lot of effort to us and is very time consuming. We are doing this work mainly voluntary and a lot of it in our free time. Which often brings us to our limits of available resources besides our usual working day. Nontheless we are highly motivated and doing our best to resolve pending problems and issues as fast as possible.

To help us speed up the process of development we are always very thankful about any donations to our non-profit association: https://www.rmetrics.org/donate