June 2014 - R Trainings in Zürich

R Training Announcements

Training I: How to get the Most out of RStudio and Shiny
Training II: How to Speed up your R Performance

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Rmetrics, the leading consultancy house for R-in-Finance offers you two exclusive R Programming courses. The training provides an intense two day experience to get you up with the latest techniques and newest technologies in R. We teach you practical skills in form of lectures, example sessions and case studies.

Course Topics:

Training I:

  • Bridging RStudio and Version Control - Projects and SVN
  • Learning Advanced Features of RStudio - Package Building and Debugging
  • Reproducible Research and Literate Programming - Sweave and knitr
  • Programming Interactive Web Application with R - Shiny and Google Motion Charts

Training II:

  • Improving Code Efficiency: When things go too slow - Profiling and Byte Compiling
  • Speeding up Performance: R’s Foreign Language Interfaces - .C and .Call
  • Integrating seamless R and C++ - Rcpp and Code Inlining
  • Going Parallel: High Performance Computing with R - multicore and snow

Course Audience:

The course is made for all who want to get a deepened knowledge of advanced R programming techniques.

Time and Date:
Friday, 20 June 2014, Tutorial I
Saturday, 21 June 2014, Tutorial II 

Zurich, Switzerland

CHF 900.00 each training day, CHF 1'600.00 for both trainings together. This includes course materials, Business Lunches and Coffee Breaks.

Student Scholarships:
For some of the trainings Rmetrics sponsors Student Scholarships. Please send us your CV and a Recommendation Letter from your Supervisor.

Please contact:
Viktoria Forgacs