About the Rmetrics Association

Rmetrics Association

The Rmetrics Association in Zurich is a foundation working in the public interest. The initiative founded in 2007 financially supports Summer Schools and Workshops, Student Internships, Open Source Software Development, Publications of eBooks, R Programming, R Studio, and R Shiny trainings and seminars. More on www.rmetrics.org 
Contact: Professor Diethelm Würtz (ETH Zurich)


Rmetrics Association

The major internal projects of the Rmetrics Association  are 

  • the Meielisalp Summer School and User/Developer Workshop ,
  • the Offering of Student Internships in the Econophysics Group at ETH, and
  • the eBooks Documentation Project.

You can find more about us and our projects in the following PDF files:

The "ohloh" evaluation (as of Q1 2012) of the Rmetrics Software Project is reported in the following PDF file:

Please consider to financially support Rmetrics projects by sponsoring or donations.

For further Information please contact: info [at] rmetrics.org


Student Internship Proposals

The Econophysics Group at ETH Zurich and the Rmetrics Association offer "Student Internships" Grants. They are thought for Master or PhD Students to come for 3 to 6 months to Zurich and work together in the field of financial modeling, data processing and software developmet.


You can find more about our "Student Internship" proposals in the following PDF files:

     Sorry, unfortunately the descriptions of the proposals are currently available only in German.

     Note, you can dowload all proposals in a  binded PDF file.


Industry Partnerships

The Rmetrics Association is looking for partnerships with the financial and insurance industry which help us to make these "Student Internships" available. We thank for financial support from Bank Clariden Leu Zurich, Finance Online Zurich, OLZ Asset Management Berne, and THETA AG Zurich amongst others.


For further Information please contact Prof. Dr. Diethelm Würtz, ETH Zurich: wuertz [at] phys.ethz.ch