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9th R/Rmetrics Summer Workshop 2015

De-Risking Financial Investments: Mastering Vulnerabilities, Structural Instabilities, and Stress Sensitivity

Zurich, 26 - 27 June 2015, ETH Zurich & Villa Hatt
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Rmetrics Open Masterclass in Advanced Finance 2015

Four in-depth tutorials about (i) Spectral Wavelet Analytics, (ii) Bayesian Change Point Point Analysis, (iii) Portfolio Diversification Strategies, (iv) Portfolio Goal Programming.

Zurich, 25 June 2015, ETH Zurich & Main Building
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Trainings and Courses

R Crash Course

Zurich, 26 February 2015, ETH Main Building
Tobias Setz and Diethelm Würtz offer an R Crash Course for students from ETH and University Zurich.


eBook Editions and Updates

The eagerly awaited "Update 2015" versions of the books Basic R for Finance, Chronological Objects with R/Rmetrics, and Portfolio Optimization with R/Rmetrics are finally ready to purchase: Rmetrics eBooks.

The Rmetrics team is proud to announce the new eBook Bayesian Stability Concepts for Investment Managers. This book is an absolute "MUST" to read for any fund and portfolio manager and advisor in times of volatile equity markets and low interest rates. Read more ...


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