Rmetrics eBooks

The Rmetrics Association has started in writing and publishing a series of eBooks. We aim to provide first class documentation of the Rmetrics software environment.
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Special Offer IconSpecial Offer -- 4 eBooks for the price of 3 !CHF 386.40
Topics in Empirical Finance with R and RmetricsTopics in Empirical Finance with R and RmetricsCHF 65.00
Basic R for FinanceBasic R for FinanceCHF 128.80
Chronological Objects with RmetricsCHF 128.80
Portfolio Optimization with R/RmetricsPortfolio Optimization with R/RmetricsCHF 128.80
Financial Market Data for R/RmetricsFinancial Market Data for R/RmetricsCHF 128.80
Indian Financial Market DataIndian Financial Market Data for R/RmetricsCHF 68.80
Portfolio Optimization with R/RmetricsAsian Option Pricing with R/RmetricsCHF 68.80
Long Term Statistical Analysis of US Asset ClassesCHF 0.00
tinn-R Editortinn-R EditorCHF 0.00
A Discussion of Time Series Objects for R in FinanceA Discussion of Time Series Objects for R in FinanceCHF 0.00
R/Rmetrics Workshop Meielisalp 2010R/Rmetrics Workshop Meielisalp 2010CHF 0.00
R/Rmetrics Workshop Singapore 2010R/Rmetrics Workshop Singapore 2010CHF 0.00